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Handcrafted artisan jewellery store

Unique designs independently made in Melbourne, Australia.

Designs feature...

Symbolism and Universal laws

Urban Tribal Ancient Wisdom

Elegance With A Deathless Courage

I am very grateful and wish to acknowledge that I live, work, and create on, land that always was and always will be the Wurundjeri lands of the Kulin nations. I pay my respects to Elders past and present, as well as the wider community and beyond.


I designed the Vanessa Pearl logo of the winged serpent to remind myself to always be as wise as the serpent and as peaceful as the dove. To represent forms of the sacred feminine and sacred masculine energy, death and rebirth, cyclical time, DNA and energy movement and its frequency and vibration.

As well as, evoking feelings of being both grounded and yet spiritually light and free to fly. To spread one's wings while secure on Mother Earth. The serpent and the bird are two key symbols that have always spoken to my subconscious and represent and embody not only what Vanessa Pearl Jewellery honours but also to represent the properties, energies, and, characteristics of nature and transcendence of the soul. Of which, I love to be reminded.

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