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I am a melbourne born artist practising in the medium of precious metal. After a successful career as a registered nurse and healthcare researcher, it’s finally time to let my creative side out into the proverbial sunshine.

 Healing through art therapy is an alchemical process.  As well as a creative one. I design mostly from home and handcraft and forge these creations into our 3rd dimension, in my Coburg North studio.

Designing, handcrafting, hand fabricating and forging pieces of jewellery since 2015. Formalised by, an Advanced Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design, Melbourne Polytechnic, in 2020-2021

My designs are heavily influenced by my research into my Jewish cultural roots on my father's side and the deep connections it shares with ancient Egyptian cultural and mystical teachings.

My intention is to share my heart song through my art. To tell my story and retell the stories and concepts I've been touched by within my research and my life experience. Reformulating the sacred science of the ancients into precious contemporary jewellery pieces that symbolise moments to remember.


I love slow fashion that is handcrafted. Therefore, I create small productions of my collections.

My creative work is the outcome of my artistic process.

Which is my pursuit to understand the complex human condition, concepts of the sacred sciences, and, transcendence of the soul. That our ancient civilisations encoded and left behind for us. In the language of symbolism, all over the globe.  I'm captivated by these hypnotic archetypal symbols because they speak to my subconscious. I believe they can be key. To unlocking a message. A message to the future while staying true to the past. 

Drawing upon this lifelong love, I create contemporary jewellery to express my interpretation of all that I see, feel, and, hold dear.


I  have designed this collection in such a way they can appear as ancient relics that evidence my illustrative hand that has abstracted the design by removing metal much like an ancient Egyptian scribe, Thoth,  would have.   

The 'Urban Tribal Ancient Wisdom' collection began with the creation of a series of earrings that has since expanded. The key design is to honour two key symbols known to ancient Egypt and ancient Sumeria. The

cartouche, and, the rod and ring symbol for time and eternity. These designs are the outcome of that creative process and my reinterpretation of the two symbols combined.

Honouring harmony between the sacred feminine and sacred masculine properties and energy within us.

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