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Returns Policy


Now that you have consummated your love with the goddesses and gods by buying a sought after piece of Vanessa Pearl Jewellery do be sure to treat your talismanic pieces and amulets of love, protection, deflection and or affection, with as much love and care as you, mindfully, can.


If a piece is faulty, it will be repaired or replaced upon agreement of a manufacturing fault.

This does not include general wear and tear, nor general mistreatment nor carelessness. For eg., Any tampering with the design or structure, rough play, dropping and general misuse. Any damage caused by mistreatment is the sole responsibility of the buyer. Please refer to 'care instructions'.


Returns or exchanges and refunds, are not accepted due to change of mind or incorrectly ordered purchase, or, incorrectly measured and selected ring size for eg. Please double check ring size before ordering, you can do this by checking the (arriving soon) ring size chart on, or visit your local jeweller. Please adhere to the guidance laid out in the 'care instructions' below.


At the time of postage, you will be provided with your tracking number. To track your item, visit the Australian Post website or the relevant postage service website of your country.


Vanessa Pearl Jewellery will not be held accountable for packages sent by registered post or returns that have been lost in transit, and has the right to deny a return if it does not meet the terms laid out in the returns policy.

Care Instructions

Hours of care, love, and, labour, have gone into the creation and making of your newly purchased fine art piece of Vanessa Pearl Jewellery. It is only fitting that it shall be handled with special care by you now that you have kindly supported an independent Australian designer and maker.


A helpful hint to ensure longevity of the finish is to put them on last and take them off first!

This special care involves keeping it free from direct contact with perfumes and oils, lotions, any form of make up, sweat, chlorine, hairspray and gels, as well as, salt water and cleaning products and solutions. Take the piece off before heavy vigorous exercise to avoid denaturing and degrading the embellishments to the surface. If after 12 months of wear you find the colour of your oxidised black jewellery has faded we can open up a discussion about replenishing and rejuvenating the patina finish for a small agreed upon fee for servicing and materials. This is at the discretion of Vanessa Pearl Jewellery and it has the right to refuse.


Clean your sterling silver or gold jewellery with warm soapy water, a clean damp cloth then pat dry with a soft dry cloth. This can remove any makeup and oils indirectly contaminating the surface from skin and atmosphere.

Only perform this cleaning process if what you purchased does NOT have any colour surface treatments. Please check first at if you are unsure. DO NOT perform this if you purchased the deeply rich black oxidised sterling silver! 


To clarify further and guide your ongoing care, please, before jumping in the pool, ocean, steam room, sauna, bath, or, showering for the day I definitely suggest taking them off so as to retain their surface embellishments for as long as possible. Take them off and store them safely in their Vanessa Pearl Jewellery gift box. This will keep them safe and dry. And, prevent damage to the rich deep matt finish, or, tarnish the bright lustre.


Be sure to remove your jewellery when playing sport, cleaning, sleeping, cooking etc. I suggest taking off your jewellery first  before other items of clothing when undressing. Usually, when I design pieces I keep in mind practicality of the piece so that it has less of a chance to get entangled in thread but, just in case there is a little artform in your function then, following this step will help prevent any such catastrophe. We need to preserve the piece and your clothing too!



Store your jewellery in your Vanessa Pearl winged serpent gilded gift box for safe keeping. This will ensure it is kept in a safe, dry place. Away from any atmospheric moisture. Keeping your piece dry and free from possible tarnishing may also preserve your piece. Keep your jewels in a sealed box if you couldn’t hold onto the Vanessa pearl gift box. Add tissue paper if handy as this may provide another barrier. Filtering, for a moisture free zone.


Over time silver does naturally oxidise with our tactile ways and oxygen rich environment. This creates a natural patina or visible shading. Some love this look and some love the original.  If after 6-12 months you think your piece has reached the point of needing a re-polish you can reach out we can talk about getting it back to Vanessa Pearl Jewellery for this purpose. Alternatively, feel free to ask your local jeweller.


There is value in handmade jewellery.  I make jewellery for people who appreciate a little evidence of the maker's hand in the item. The artisan and not the machine. The maker's hand can sometimes be seen in the finished works and this evidence left behind is of value in later years for many reasons. It adds to the meaning and sentimentality of the piece which adds value and this can increase over time which, rarely happens with items of fast fashion. I have touched every part of this piece as I brought it to life and I have therefore, put my energy;  a part of my essence, into the piece. That is why there will be some slight variation from piece to piece, and this is simply because they are made by hand from start to completion. 


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