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Fine Art Jewellery 

Urban Tribal Ancient Wisdom collection. Made from sterling silver using the art of lost wax casting. They are designed to appear as they have been unearthed. Like, talismanic amulets or ruins, left behind..


Repeating patterns and textures

Carefully selected to symbolise multiple layers of meaning to reference key opposing archetypal forms and concepts. Such as, universal laws of energy, frequency, and, movement and vibration. Including, sacred feminine energy linked with the moon which is honoured by use of the symbol for water represented by the zig zag pattern. The harmony and balance required between that and sacred masculine energy is also present which is linked with the sun and honoured by use of the symbol for fire, represented by the triangular shape. The ancient Egyptian deity and Sun god Ra, and the female aspect of Ra, Raet, is also represented.


Positive and negative space

The shape within the negative space of the 'Shenu - ring Ra de Kemmet' earrings is what makes up the positive outline of the Shenu - ring La Luna earrings and, the Shenu - ring La Lune de Kemmet earrings. The forms seen in both the positive and negative shape of the Shenu - ring earring range is, the cartouche symbol. A French word for a symbol that was known by the ancients as a Shen ring. A symbol of eternity. An oval frame encompassing hieroglyphs of a royal Pharaoh's name. Protected within a symbol for eternity, for an eternity. My design has also been blended with, what was known in ancient Sumer or Babylon as the symbol for time and eternity being cyclical which is, a rod and ring symbol. It can be seen held in each hand of the Goddess Inanna.


These fine art earrings are the creative outcome of my my reinterpretation of both of these symbols for cyclical time and eternity. They are what began this Urban Tribal Ancient Wisdom collection!

They undergo many advanced jewellery processes to become fine art pieces to wear which feature 24ct gold foil

To begin they are designed and handcrafted in wax. Plaster is poured around the wax design and hardened. With heat the wax melts away leaving a space to receive the molten sterling silver metal pour. Once cast, hours of bench work is performed to file, shape, solder, emery, refine and prepare it to embellish the surface even more..


Depletion gilding of the .925 sterling silver brings a fine silver .999 layer up to the surface of the alloy which is what allows the 24ct Gold foil to fuse to the surface 

This process requires careful heating of each sterling silver piece with a blow torch and cleaning in acid solution. 7 times. This fine silver surface layer now created allows the 24ct gold foil to fuse

The deep black appearance is then achieved by submerging the silver pieces in a liver of sulphur solution which turns the treated metal a deep rich black

This finish, like most may not last forever, some people love the way they change over time demonstrating the contrast between the rich black and the emerging silver beneath

Refer to the care instructions under 'Support' section of the website

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